Prayers to St. Barbara

Prayer to St. Barbara

saint gerard holding cross

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Oh God, who among the other miracles of Your power, have given the victory of martyrdom, grant, we beseech You, that we, who are celebrating the heavenly Blessed Barbara, Your Virgin and Martyr, may by her example draw nearer to you, Amen.

Prayer to Saint Barbara
Saint Barbara, your courage is much stronger than the forces of hurricanes and the power of lightening. Be always by our side so that we, like you, may face all storms, wars, trials and tribulations with the same fortitude with which you faced yours. O Beautiful Maiden once imprisoned in a high tower, protect us from the lightning and fire that rages in the sky and the discord of war. Keep us alert and protect us from the dangers that surround us. Holy Mary Mother of Jesus intercessor for us all; we pray to assure receiving of the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist at the hour of our death. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Ame

Saint Barbara Prayer for Firefighters
"Almighty God, protector of all, your strength, power, and wisdom are a beacon of light to all: Give special guidance to firefighters so that we may be protected from harm while performing our duty. Help me with your loving care while I work to save the lives andproperty of all people, young and old. Give me the courage, the alertness to protect my neighbors and all others whom I am pledged to aid when involved in fire or accident. Amen."

St. Barbara Prayer for Miners
"O Lord after I have worked my last day and come out of the earth and have placed my feet on Thy footstool, let me use the tools of prudence, faith, hope and charity. From now on till I will be called to sign my last pay roll, make all the cables in the machinery strong with Thy love. Supply all the gang ways, slopes, and chambers with the pure air of Thy grace ad let the light of hope be my guidance, and when my last picking and shoveling is done, may my last car be full of Thy grace and give me the Holy Bible for my last shift, so that Thou, the General Superintendent of all thecollieries can say: Well done, thou good, faithful miner come, and sign the pay roll and receive the check of eternal happiness. Amen"

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